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If you have an older building you may be learning that it is no longer energy efficient or you are running into other issues as it ages.  It may be starting to be worn down, be out of building or fire codes, or not meeting your business needs.  If the time has come to decide what to do to ensure it remains functional, useful and atheistically pleasing — how will you decide what to do — renovate, remodel or rebuild? 

Many people are not aware of the differences in these three options or which is right for them. CBI can help explain the differences and help you make the best decision.


A renovation is when the building is restored to a good state. Renovating is the least invasive choice out of the three options. When renovating, it typically involves small fixes to a building that help to repair and improve the overall aesthetic of the building.

Renovation may be the best choice for you if the building is in need of repairs, such as patching drywall and updating paint, replacing or updating floors,  or updating electrical work. When you renovate, the overall design and layout remains unchanged and only the building is repaired and updated with a new “face” to be in good working order. Renovations are generally undertaken to enhance the functionality of a space or to increase the resale value.


A remodel consists of changing the layout or structure of the building.  The structure of the space may change, walls may move or the layout/flow of the building is changed.

Some examples of remodel projects are:

  •   Fully transforming the structure or layout of a commercial space
  •   Creating space needed that is in compliance for COVID-19

If your building is older and is not ADA or COVID compliant, remodeling the structure may be needed to ensure it meets code and is safe for occupants.  Additionally if you have an office building and it is older and was designed to have smaller offices but now you need a larger layout, remodeling can help move walls and have a move open floor plan.


Rebuilding consists of tearing down the existing building and constructing a new one.  This is the most costly choice of the three options.

When remodeling or renovating become more costly that rebuilding, that makes rebuilding the best option.  Additionally if the building itself is no longer structurally sound, it may be best to tear it down.  If you want to change every aspect about the building, or change the size of the building, removing the current building and rebuilding becomes the obvious choice.


If you have an older building that is in need of new life with improved functionality, or to be compliant with building regulations, CBI can help you. CBI can help you decide whether to renovate, remodel, or rebuild with design, administrative, project supervision, project management and expert technical services. With a team of general contractors, construction managers, and engineers, we can help you with your construction project no matter the scope.

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