Before you hire a construction contractor in North Carolina for commercial building, it is important to know exactly what type of construction services you need. Not all builders and construction contractors are alike; some specialize in design builds while others might specialize in medical centers or doctors offices. There are a great number of differences and a reason to understand them.

You need to know exactly what you want when hiring a construction company in North Carolina. The following is a look at the most common types of projects and the differences between them:


Commercial building is just how it sounds – building a new building from scratch. While it sounds simple, commercial construction is the most complex due to the steps in the process – planning, hiring, and completing.

With commercial building there five phases that you will undertake:

  1. Hire the primary architect/designer
  2. Choose the commercial builder
  3. Write and execute contracts
  4. Construction process
  5. Completion and handover

In order to hire one company for all phases, you will need commercial construction contractors who advertise as design build contractors. This designation explains that they have both the architects to design a new construction and the team to see that design through completion.


A commercial renovation project is one that aims to restore or repair an existing construction. This type of construction project makes old look new again. Renovations are generally undertaken to enhance the functionality of a space or to increase the resale value.

A church that is restored to what it originally looked like can offer immediate value for congregants. Renovating the space to include modern conveniences or space in a time of COVID-19, make it more appealing. 


A commercial remodel one that goes beyond changing the decor in an office building. Generally defined, a commercial remodel project is one that will permanently alter an existing structure’s interior, exterior, or both.

Some examples of remodel projects:

  •   Combining multiple rooms into one space by removing a wall or other type of barrier
  •   Adding to the interior or exterior of a building, such as adding an inside garden or creating multiple rooms from one large, existing space
  •   Fully transforming the structure or layout of a commercial space
  •   Creating space needed that is in compliance for COVID-19


While there is an inherent value in hiring a commercial contractor who has a speciality in one of the types of projects, it is best to look for one who has experience in all overall.  The more well-rounded a contractor is, the better they can assist you in determining what best suits your construction goals.

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