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School Matters: Educational Facility Construction

Expectations are high for schools. And while that largely depends on the teachers, administrators, students, and families who make up a school community, the structure itself can also make a significant impact. It takes experience, commitment, passion, and the teamwork we learned back when we were in the classroom to get everyone on the same page and up to speed on the latest trends. 
From the actual school buildings themselves to the facilities and athletic complexes that surround them, at CBI, we have built a little bit of everything related to education. High schools, middle schools, university facilities and more, we have gone back to the classroom time and time again. Just like in our other areas of focus, our educational facility construction is on time, on-budget and built to last. 
Facilities for newly founded Schools
·       Serious judgment must take place regarding the educational proposal we wish to apply. We must take advantage of the opportunity to innovate in the educational aspects of the new facilities. The process requires time. 
·       The type of architecture depends on the educational project. It is not just a matter of reproducing the traditional school in a new building. 
·       It is fundamental that before we begin any construction project, we have a clear educational project in mind. 
Building new facilities for an existing school
·       A second possible scenario is for an existing school to move to a new location. In this case, the new facilities must be built from scratch in keeping with the Educational Project of a school that has a sustained tradition.
Reconstruction/ renovation of existing facilities
Things to keep in mind: 
·       The age of the existing school facilities
·       How safe they are; whether they can be adapted to meet new educational demands
·       Whether the school can grow in its existing location
·       An evaluation of the terrain and the quality of construction
·       Problems with the infrastructure
·       The possible loss of competitiveness rejected by a continuous decrease in student registrations
·       The opportunity to shift to a co ed system, if this has not already taken place, in which case new spaces will be needed 
We must also consider if the school can function while construction is going on. Is it worth remodeling/rebuilding our facilities, or is it better and/or possible to build new facilities from scratch?
It is not easy to detail all the elements to be taken into consideration for new educational buildings. At CBI, we understand the important role budget and schedule play in the education industry. We use decades worth of successful construction experience to provide clients with accurate estimates and timelines, and partner with them at every step along the way to ensure all their goals are met.
Our educational facility construction services include:
  • Preschool buildings
  • K-12 schools
  • University facilities
  • Student housing
CBI contractors, Fit Ups Specialists and Upfit Specialists begin by meeting with clients at our office. We put in the time and effort to learn all aspects of the project including budget, timeline, and design concepts. Construction begins after our talented team completes preconstruction designs and plans with the client. Throughout the entire project, we emphasize communication with the client to ensure total satisfaction. We are a proven and trusted general contractor in Minnesota offering a full range of commercial construction services. CBI’s honesty and credibility are an essential part of our success. We pride ourselves in handling multifaceted projects, attention to detail, and know-how of the projects that CBI constructs. 
Whatever your needs, it could anything from large scale remodeling to expanding or relocating your practice, CBI general contractors has the training, experience, and expertise to create the ultimate educational facility construction. Call 910-818-6811 Commercial Building, Inc. for an estimate on your school project needs today.