Choosing a construction company to complete your project is a huge decision. The right choice means the project runs smoother, faster and can be more affordable. However, the wrong choice could end up costing countless hours of your time and more money than you should have to spend.

When considering your options, it may be tempting to go with the company that offers the best price. It is important to understand that there are so many different demands a construction project will place on a construction team and other factors to take into consideration other than price.

The experts at Commercial Building, Inc. are here to help you select a construction company for your next project and have outlined different things to look for.


One of the best measures a company can show is past success. If a commercial building construction company recently and successfully completed a project with many similar elements as your own, there’s a good chance they can and will do it again. They’ll have learned how to approach the project successfully and what types of issues can potentially arise.

To determine which company has the most relevant experience for your project – first determine what specific elements your project will involve. Look at your project scope, square footage, and possible conditions the project will take place. Some questions to ask are – Is this new construction or is the project going to take place in an occupied building? What types of rooms or spaces are in the building? How big is the project?

It is important that you make a list of your essentials and ask all of the companies you’re considering to provide examples of projects that fit those qualifications. Remember however, that their experience may not be identical but can still be relevant.


The experience of the individuals on the construction contractor project team can be more important that the experience of the overall company.

When choosing a commercial building construction company for your project, you’ll want to know who will be leading your project on a day-to-day basis. It is important to ask them to provide resumes for the key people they plan to lead your project. The resumes and work history should include the past projects they’ve worked on, as well as any education or professional designations. Having detailed resumes which outline their experience, you’re able to evaluate and decide which team has the best experience for your project.


A very important step in considering your options for contractors and commercial building companies is to see what past clients and other business partners are saying about them. Taking the time to ask for testimonials and references gives you insight into what it’s really like to work with the company.


As mentioned before cost should not be the only factor when making a decision.You need a commercial construction team that is not only committed to working within your budget but will do so while considering overall quality.

When evaluating proposals, it’s important you look at them from a total view and not only the bottom line. It is important to weigh costs right alongside experience, quality, reference, etc.


When working with any commercial builder you want to be sure they are fully licensed to do work in your state. You can easily check this by asking for them to provide a copy of their license in their proposal.

Additionally you also want to make sure the construction company is bonded and insured. Bonded helps protect you in the event that the company is unable to complete the project or executes it poorly. You should be sure they have the proper amount of liability and property damage insurance, as well as worker’s compensation. Ask for insurance certificates in your request for proposal.


You can’t have a successful project if your construction team isn’t working safely.

Before deciding on a commercial building construction team, it is imperative that you get a clear picture of their commitment to safety. For a deeper look, you can ask for a copy of their OSHA 300 and 300a forms. These standardized forms list any recordable, work-related injury or illnesses.

Even if a company is steadfast in its commitment to safety, accidents can happen. If there are a couple of accidents on their safety reports, they could certainly still be a safe construction company that can deliver a great project. However, if you see accidents happening frequently, or the same types of accidents are happening, it is not the best sign.

Feel free to ask for information a company for their safety policy and if they have a full-time safety officer. This is often a sign that the company takes safe work practices seriously, and they’re taking steps to educate their employees and implement effective safety programs.


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