CBI: The Best Contractor For Your Renovations

As general contractors working on the construction or renovation of commercial business spaces, we get to experience the deep satisfaction that comes from seeing a building project completed. You can’t miss our work. Once a new commercial space is constructed or a building renovation is done, the results of our work are immediate and somewhat permanent. There is nothing like driving past a small business or a corporate office space and knowing that you are responsible for the constructed look and feel. Or walking into a chain retail space that you and your team renovated, and knowing that the space stands out from the chain’s other retail spaces for all the right reasons. Of course, the best part of our job is when the client is happy with the results and tells everyone they know that the best contractor in town is Commercial Building, Inc. in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

We have been fortunate to have that happen for us on multiple occasions.

From the beginning of Commercial Building, Inc. our mission has been to take our big city experience and build or renovate using small town prices. Commercial Building, Inc. owner Wes Davis spent ten years of his professional career working for one of the top 10 commercial building companies in North Carolina before moving on to even bigger opportunities. Prior to the formation of CBI, Mr. Davis oversaw the construction of over $38 million in residential and commercial construction projects. Wes Davis has taken what he learned from building and renovation projects in cities like Charlotte and Wilmington, and brought all of that knowledge and talent to cities like Fayetteville, NC and small towns like Pinehurst, NC.

If you are considering building renovations, Commercial Building, Inc. wants to work with you. We stand by our portfolio of work, and truly do not believe you will find a better contractor for your renovations. If you want to check out some of our long list of clients, start by checking out the commercial uplifts we recently did for Great Clips next to the new Publix in Tallywood, or the Embrace Yoga Studio in Westwood Shopping Center.

Are you ready to let CBI work for you? Give us a call at (910) 818-6811.