2017 Industrial Construction Trends To Look Out For

As with any industry, trends and practices are constantly advancing with every year that passes. Industrial construction is no exception to this.

2017 is bringing upon new trends to look out for. Unfortunately with good news, there may be some bad news following, so let’s get that out of the way first!

In 2017, finding laborers will continue to be a difficult task. Due to the recession, a large portion of the construction workforce was forced to leave their jobs for other sources of employment. Unfortunately, many of these laborers have not returned to the construction industry. Although this may sound like a negative thing, this may open the doors to those individuals interested in making their entrance into this field.

While finding workers may be a difficult task, the opportunity for growth in the construction business will only increase over the next couple of years. In 2016 spending slowed down, compared to previous years. In 2017, it is reported that there will be a 6.3% increase in spending according to ConstructConnect.

It has been mentioned that President Trump has intentions on proposing $1 trillion spending plan to fix America’s infrastructure over ten years. Although it’s hard to determine the guarantee of this following through, the possibility is something to look forward to.

Modular construction will also be on the rise. Although this is far from a new trend, it is something that will be embraced more in 2017. Due to being time and cost effective it can be a better alternative for certain projects, while still producing an aesthetically appealing look.

Lastly, safer job sites are projected to be seen more of this year. This is due to OSHA upping its penalties for safety violations is the last year. This is beneficial because the safer the conditions, the more appealing construction work will look to prospective workers.

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