New Commercial Building in Fayetteville NC Completed!

New project finished by Commercial Building in Fayetteville NC!

The new YMCA located at the Northgate Shopping Center on Ramsey Street in Fayetteville NC is completed!

The latest project completed by Commercial Building in Fayetteville NC is the 15,000 square foot YMCA building.

This YMCA is one of only five YMCA’s in the nation partnered with the Wounded Warrior Project and provides physical therapy activities for service members who were injured in combat. Commercial Building, Inc. is honored to have assisted in this wonderful project that benefits not only our soldiers but our community as well.

Here are some interesting facts about the facility and the project:
-Commercial Building in Fayetteville NC changed an old Wal-Mart into the new YMCA
-The project cost approximately $650,000
-The project was completed in 18 weeks
-The multi-colored walls inside the YMCA give it a friendly family-fun atmosphere
-With lots of interior windows and mirrors, the YMCA provides a nice open feeling to members and guests
-The YMCA features a new stucco front entrance façade

Here are a few pictures of the completed YMCA project by Commercial Building in Fayetteville NC:

commercial building in Fayetteville NC Commercial Building in Fayetteville NC

More pictures of the project in various stages are available on our Facebook page:

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Commercial Construction in Fayetteville NC: Backgound on Commercial Builders, Inc

What’s your background in Commercial Construction in Fayetteville NC and elsewhere?

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Commercial Building, Inc. President is also our Lead Project Manager, Wes Davis. Mr. Davis has over 15 years of experience in the building and construction industry, both in residential and commercial building. He spent a large portion of that time in Wilmington, North Carolina where he served as a Chief Estimator and Upfit Specialist, among other things.  Some project commercial construction project Wes Davis completed while there were:

Edward Jones Upfit $25,000
Brush Dental Upfit $76,000
Dr. Abrons Upfit $355,000
Verzaal’s Florist Upfit $140,000
ILM Air Traffic Control Upfit $26,000
Sterling Bank Upfit $45,000
M&M Milworks Upfit $180,000
Coldwell Banker’s Upfit $45,000
Hanes Upfit – $130,000
Lunapops Upfit $50,000
Dr. Slade Upfit $120,000
Alderman School Bathroom Upfit $29,000
Dr. Hansen Upfit $182,000

After Commercial Building, Inc. kicked off in 2009 Wes Davis served as not only the President but also as the Project Manager. What this means, is that he’s involved with every aspect of a build, from the original consult and estimate, to breaking ground, through construction and completion.  This helps keeps consistency and ensures you’re getting the best service on each different phase of the project.

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Commercial Building, Inc. has been involved with many projects in and around Fayetteville, NC. Here’s is a list of some completed projects:

Spout Springs Shell $604,000
Parke Optometry $352,232
YMCA $623,757
Old Bowley School $136,841
Combat Mystic Building $165,545
Rent-A-Center $245,050
Aaron’s Furniture $52,252
Capital Building $112,454
Fayetteville Hyperbarics $113,757
Cape Fear Podiatry $237,518

Commercial construction in Fayetteville NC is happening everywhere we turn. Our community is growing, with new businesses needing new, updated, or renovated spaces to serve the needs of our community. If you’re looking for a builder for a project that will include commercial construction in Fayetteville NC, contact us today!