The reality is that the construction journey is far from over for commercial buildings when it comes to simply looking complete. When it comes to post-construction, the final phase of the construction process for commercial buildings involves much more than just clean-up. This stage consists of the relationship between you and your contractor as the hands-off process begins.

The experts at CBI are here to explain some good pointers and the key things you need to look for in this involved process.



Warranties – A good builder will follow through with the warranty and fix any problems that pop up post construction. A builder taking the time to go over each warranty that covers your building and explaining how they apply to you is exceptional. Our team at CBI does exactly this — knowing how your warranties can be put to work for you empowers you as you manage your new building.

Building Check-ups – Working with a construction design-build company like CBI guarantees that you will get a check up to see how the building is doing after construction is complete and the general contractors leave.  At CBI, we’ll check in periodically with you to ensure you are just as satisfied today as you were when you had your grand opening for your new building.

Smooth Turnover – Building construction companies often deal with frequent turnover, but that should not affect the quality of construction for your building. Not to mention the follow-up with expansions and post-construction work. At CBI, we have an established system that ensures consistent results every time.

Additional Projects – If you are happy with how your commercial contractor is handling your post-construction phase, that makes a huge impact for future projects on your facility. Whether facility expansions or new buildings of their own, it is important to pay attention to the quality of work your builder gives you to determine whether it is wise to continue moving forward with them.



Commercial building companies like CBI are key players when it comes to commercial building and understands mediocre and exceptional service. At CBI, we go above and beyond with our clients, and our reputation is strong because of it. See for yourself in our portfolio on our website. No matter what stage you are in with the construction process of your building, feel free to ask us questions about what makes our post construction process different from the rest of those in North Carolina.

Based in North Carolina, CBI has been helping business leaders transform their vision into reality. From blueprints to cutting a ribbon at a grand opening, our diligent construction contractor services double-check every logistical component. Our experienced team guarantees that your project does not run into delays or cost unnecessary cost overages.

At CBI, we can assist you with all aspects of construction. Our team can help you with every step of your building project. Contact us today to see how we can assist you with obtaining your building permits or anything else you may need.

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