How Coronavirus is affecting Commercial Building, Inc.

Here at Commercial Building, Inc. we are taking every measure to maintain a safe business and keeping job sites virus free. We are staying on top of the news, following guidelines from NCHBA to ensure our jobsites are safe for our clients, employees, trades, suppliers, and inspectors. 

With that being said, Commercial Building, Inc. is offering Virtual Visits. We are able to meet with you in the comfort of your own home, or business. With virtual visits CBI can meet all your commercial construction needs whether it be new construction, renovations, and upfits. Commercial Building, has participated in multiple projects over the years and is competitive in bidding projects. We have constructed several projects in education upfits, major renovations, medical upfits, restaurant build outs, shopping centers from ground up, office fit-outs, churches, and many more. Our Team of highly skilled commercial contractors is here to help you get the end result you desire and keeping everyone safe at the same time! 

CBI Builds It ALL!



Commercial Building and Renovations During COVID-19

There’s something about springtime that gets homeowners and business owners thinking about making renovations. With the current state of the world amidst COVID-19, you might think that these ambitions should be put aside, but if you are a business owner, particularly the owner of a non-essential building, then now is the perfect time to get busy on renovations for your commercial building.

State and local governments have made the difficult decisions to shut down all non-essential businesses to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This means that commercial buildings have had to shut their doors and send staff home to work in isolation. If you’re able to take advantage of this downtime without undue financial hardship – now is the perfect time to start your commercial renovation project.

While your staff is working from home and customers aren’t able to access your space, you can renovate your commercial building with greater efficiency and access that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Replacing floors, electrical, appliances, and even greater layout and access issues won’t be a hindrance to people trying to enter into or work and patronize your building. Not to mention, you greatly decrease the risk for any safety concerns during construction with fewer people on site.

When you choose to work with Commercial Building, Inc., on your commercial building renovations, you can be sure that we have your health and safety, as well as the health and safety of our workers in mind. 

We follow the CDC recommendations for social distancing, hand washing, and utilize PPE to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure a safe working space for all. The decision to embark on a commercial building renovation project during this time will be highly personal, but it’s also the perfect opportunity if you can, to take care of those projects you’ve been putting off. 

Call us at 910-818-6811 to find out more about the services we offer and our recommendations for your property. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about operational safety during this time. We look forward to hearing from you!

Commercial Building Safety During COVID-19

7f40fffc2a0b5f1c550eadf9acda82a8The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way businesses operate this spring in Fayetteville, North Carolina. At Commercial Building, Inc., our goal – as always – during this time is to make sure that we follow best safety practices. We will do everything we can to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus in our business and the community.


As we navigate this challenging time, we have implemented changes to our safety protocols to comply with CDC recommendations. This way, we can ensure that our workers and our clients stay safe and that the risk of COVID-19 exposure is reduced as much as possible.


CPWR, the Center for Construction Research and Training, has made some recommendations to help workers comply with CDC recommendations:

  1. Don’t go to work if you are feeling sick.
  2. Don’t shake hands with others.
  3. Maintain 6 feet distance from other workers on-site and during meetings and training.
  4. Avoid contact with sick people.
  5. Do not touch your face – nose, mouth, eyes – with unwashed hands.
  6. Cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  7. Wash your hands after you sneeze, cough, or blow your nose.
  8. Wash your hands often, for at least 20 seconds.

As a company, Commercial Building, Inc. recommends that our employees stay home if they are sick. We provide soap and water or hand sanitizer for our employees to help keep their hands clean.

If you have any questions about Commercial Building’s operations during this time and how we are helping to avoid the spread of COVID-19, please contact our office at 910-818-6811. Our community is Fayetteville Strong. Together, we will get through this!

COVID-19 Assistance

unnamedCovid-19 has affected so many of us, especially the restaurant industry. We at Commercial Building, Inc. understand the changes being made to protect the public by closing dining in restaurants across North Carolina. Commercial Building, Inc. is pleased to help out any restaurant in Eastern, North Carolina if you need a drive thru window installed at your restaurant for carry out or pick up.

CBI, can install different models of drive thru windows for you. Again, if you need a drive through window for your restaurant operations to help with the pickup and drive thru process please contact Commercial Building, Inc. at 910-818-6811 or you can email us at

Prioritizing Safety in Commercial Building

When it comes to commercial building, there is absolutely nothing more important to us than safety. According to OSHA reporting, 5,250 workers died on the job in 2018. This number is way too high!

What were the leading causes? Well, aside from vehicle collisions to highway construction workers, the leading causes of these construction deaths were falls, struck by an object, electrocution, and caught in between deaths. These types of commercial building deaths are called the “fatal four”, and it’s important to us at Commercial Building, Inc. to make sure that we avoid these preventable deaths and injuries.

We require our workers in commercial building to follow certain safety and health procedures to reduce the risks of any potential hazards.

For example, to help prevent falls, we follow OSHA procedures to avoid falls. When our commercial building team is working at heights, we require them to follow the manufacturer guidelines for ladder safety. When using scaffolding, it needs to be placed on a level surface and in place – never moving – while people are on it. Our commercial building team must always strap themselves in when working at heights as well. With these safety measures, we help to ensure that we avoid falls in our commercial building projects.

During the commercial building process, safety preparations against electrocution are vital! Any electrical source must be turned off prior to working, as well as any grounds attached. In electrical commercial building processes, we do not allow any ladders, scaffolding, or electrical equipment to be placed within ten feet of power lines. These measures help to prevent any deaths and injuries by electrocution.

These are only a few of the safety precautions we must take during the commercial building process. At Commercial Building, Inc., we know that commercial building can be conducted and completed safely. The way to do this is to follow all safety procedures set in place. Our top priority is always the safety and well-being of our commercial building team. To learn more about the safety measures we use or to find out more about what makes us the best commercial building team in town, give us a call at 910-818-6811.

It’s 2020!

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Commercial Building for Medical Offices

Dr AbronsPay extra attention as you drive around town and you will notice a new doctor’s office here and a new dentist’s office there. Commercial building for medical spaces presents its own unique set of requirements that your commercial builder must understand.

Inpatient care is declining, with most medical service centers and patients valuing spaces for outpatient services. A medical commercial building must accommodate this overall emphasis on newly advancing medical technology and the needs of the commercial space for such services.

A commercial building must be appropriated designed and engineered by a commercial building for different medical facilities such as in living or assisted living spaces, physical therapy commercial offices, or dentist offices.

State Regulations for Commercial Buildings

What’s more, medical facilities, in particular, require commercial builders to meet certain state requirements with the commercial buildings they construct. Regulatory and technical standards of the state must be strictly followed for these commercial building spaces.

Commercial builders must keep in mind that medical offices and facilities must be built for resilience in case of natural disasters, power outages, and other issues. Keeping patient safety and care is of utmost importance for these commercial building spaces.

Keeping a medical commercial building in check for all requirements and unexpected occurrences is a job best left to experts with years of experience creating these commercial buildings. At Commercial Building, Inc., you can count on our team to construct the best space for your business. Get to know our work by viewing our past projects and call us to get started at (910) 818-6811. We service Fayetteville, Pinehurst, and surrounding areas to help you bring your commercial design to today’s standards.

Designing Your Commercial Space


When designing your commercial building space, it’s important to consider not only the aesthetic but the function of the space. Do you own a restaurant? This space will naturally look and flow much differently than a dentist’s office or a creative agency. It’s important to hire a qualified general contractor who can help your vision for your commercial build, commercial renovation, or commercial upfit come to life in the most efficient way. No one wants to waste their budget or their time or compromise safety during this process.

Why Do You Need a General Contractor?

Recently, trends in office design has veered away from closed-off spaces and separate cubicles. Offices today are embracing open flow, non-traditional work areas. This might mean a large open space with tables for gathering or even a more residential-type space with sofas and chairs for lounging and collaborating. When you hire a general contractor in Fayetteville NC, you’re getting the expertise that comes with years of experience and the ability to stay ahead of trends in office spaces.

It’s also important to consider changes in environmental standards when constructing your commercial building. General contractors in Fayetteville, NC should be aware of the latest eco-friendly technologies and recommendations. It is becoming a staple of our forward-thinking society to use recycled materials and alternative energy sources to lessen our ecological footprint. General contractors can help you to make the best choices for your business for the present and the future.

At Commercial Building Inc., in Fayetteville, NC, our general contractors can help you with each step of your commercial renovation or commercial upfit. Get to know our work by viewing our past projects and call us to get started at (910) 818-6811. We service Fayetteville, Pinehurst, and surrounding areas to help you bring your commercial design to today’s standards.

Commercial Building Done Right


Commercial building projects can be time consuming. As a business owner, you know they can also be a drain on your bank account. The building process requires accountability and attention to detail and deadlines. You want to make sure that you’re hiring a reliable general contractor for the job who will get it done correctly and with respect for your budget.

At Commercial Building Inc., we’ve developed a reputation for excellence in commercial renovations, commercial upfits, and many more commercial building services. Our general contractors can do it all and handle the entire building process from beginning to end. We work with companies both large and small, and we work in any space of every size! From medical facilities to restaurants, we’ve got you covered.

Our team is familiar with the business of commercial renovation because we are in the business of commercial building. Whatever your goals, we can help. Whether you are trying to completely renovate or upfit a space to fit your business needs or you need to maximize your workspace and increase energy efficiency or productivity, Commercial Building Inc.’s team will bring your dream to life and make your work environment safe for all.

With the competition growing in North Carolina for commercial business, it is important for business owners to stay ahead of the game. Commercial Building Inc. has helped local businesses in Fayetteville, Pinehurst, Lumberton, Sanford, and more to react to unexpected commercial building renovations after natural disasters or to planned commercial renovations in historic buildings.

Our team of experts have the knowledge and experience to help you will any commercial space or need that might arise. From commercial renovations and upfits to new construction, let Commercial Building Inc. show you how our team gets the job done right the first time! View our past projects online and call 910-818-6811 to talk to a member of our team.