Commercial Building Done Right


Commercial building projects can be time consuming. As a business owner, you know they can also be a drain on your bank account. The building process requires accountability and attention to detail and deadlines. You want to make sure that you’re hiring a reliable general contractor for the job who will get it done correctly and with respect for your budget.

At Commercial Building Inc., we’ve developed a reputation for excellence in commercial renovations, commercial upfits, and many more commercial building services. Our general contractors can do it all and handle the entire building process from beginning to end. We work with companies both large and small, and we work in any space of every size! From medical facilities to restaurants, we’ve got you covered.

Our team is familiar with the business of commercial renovation because we are in the business of commercial building. Whatever your goals, we can help. Whether you are trying to completely renovate or upfit a space to fit your business needs or you need to maximize your workspace and increase energy efficiency or productivity, Commercial Building Inc.’s team will bring your dream to life and make your work environment safe for all.

With the competition growing in North Carolina for commercial business, it is important for business owners to stay ahead of the game. Commercial Building Inc. has helped local businesses in Fayetteville, Pinehurst, Lumberton, Sanford, and more to react to unexpected commercial building renovations after natural disasters or to planned commercial renovations in historic buildings.

Our team of experts have the knowledge and experience to help you will any commercial space or need that might arise. From commercial renovations and upfits to new construction, let Commercial Building Inc. show you how our team gets the job done right the first time! View our past projects online and call 910-818-6811 to talk to a member of our team.

Are You Thinking About Renovating Your Commercial Property? Why it Might be Time.

As a business owner, it’s easy to dream of renovating your commercial space and making it better. Perhaps you are looking for a more modern look or you want to expand your business and create room for growth. Whatever your goals, it’s natural and sometimes necessary for business owners to take commercial renovation into account.

At Commercial Building Inc., we’ve been in the commercial renovation and upfit game for years and as such, we’ve seen it all. We, like any great contractor will tell you, know that there always comes a time in a commercial property’s life when commercial renovation becomes necessary – and not just for aesthetic reasons, but for safety reasons!

Issues of a commercial property becoming unsafe can arise as part of natural disasters, natural aging of a building, outdated construction techniques, and more. For example, in some of the older buildings we see outdated electrical wiring that could be damaged, issues of mold growth due to moisture, and even some cases of asbestos and lead containing paint.

A commercial business owner may also decide that they need to update certain features of their property to become more energy efficient. For instance, they might wish to install skylights and more windows to let in more natural light and reduce their electrical costs.

A good general contractor can help to provide recommendations for how to become more energy efficient, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. If you’d like more information or you’d like to learn about some of our past projects, be sure to visit our gallery online and call our commercial office at 910-818-6811.

Safety in Your Commercial Renovation

Some say that cleanliness is next to Godliness. At Commercial Building Inc., we like to say that safety is. Did you know that the majority of workplace accidents in construction are from falls? Of course there are other incident reports of equipment malfunctions and falling objects, but we like to think that all of these incidents can and should be avoided. There are simple steps and safety procedures that we can all follow to minimize the amount of workplace construction accidents.

The number one rule in commercial building is to always protect your head and your eyes. By wearing regulation headgear and eye protection during a commercial construction or renovation project, you can minimize serious injuries. A single blow to the head from a falling object could be potentially fatal if you aren’t wearing protective headgear. Similarly, many projects in construction send debris or sparks into the air which could become lodged in the eye if you aren’t wearing protective eyewear.

You must also be sure to protect your hands and feet during commercial renovations. Proper gloves and footwear can keep your extremities from being easily punctured during projects. Likewise, special gloves or footwear may be required for safety during certain projects like electrical repairs and welding to protect from burns or electrocution.

In situations where a commercial renovation requires work at heights, it is important to always make sure that you are securely attached according to guidelines for ladder and scaffolding safety, as well as making sure that all elevation tools are in use on a level surface.

Commercial Building Inc. takes care to always follow safety guidelines such as these when we work in any commercial renovation. We specialize in renovations, upfits, construction, and more. With our expertise and great care for safety, we’ve developed a reputation for excellence with clients throughout North Carolina. If you want to know more about our projects or find out more about our safety protocols, please call 910-818-6811.


Why Choose Commercial Building, Inc.

Most commercial business and property owners face the challenges of renovations sooner or later, whether it’s a complete overhaul or starting from scratch. With commercial building projects, things can get a little tricky. It’s important to know your options and to hire the best general contractor available to complete these projects.

At Commercial Building, Inc., we’re known for our skills and expertise in all areas of general contracting: commercial upfits, commercial fit ups, commercial renovations, and commercial remodels. Don’t take our word for it – our reputation speaks for itself!

Right now, our general contractors are completing a major commercial upfit of the Capitol Encore Academy in downtown Fayetteville, NC. The historic Pittman building is undergoing a commercial expansion project to house the K-8 public charter school. In the commercial upfit, our general contractors will convert the Pittman building into upgraded school accommodations. The major commercial upfit includes new classrooms upstairs and downstairs to allow room for growth.

Our general contractors at Commercial Building, Inc. are the best at what they do. Commercial Building specializes in retail, office, medical, industrial, restaurant, and school spaces. We respect our clients, their commercial spaces, and properties. You can trust the general contractors at Commercial Building, Inc. to treat your project with care from start to finish.

Visit our website at to learn more about our commercial building and general contracting services. If you’re ready to take the next step, call our office at 910-818-6811 or email. We serve all of eastern North Carolina including: Fayetteville, Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Lillington, Lumberton, Sanford, and more!

Why Should You Choose a Local Contractor?

When it comes time to remodel your office space or restaurant to give it a more modern look, you want to work with professionals that you can trust. Commercial renovations can seem like a daunting task, but the process can also be very exciting. The most important thing you can do is to take the step to find a commercial contractor to suit your needs. There are many benefits to choosing a local contractor, and at Commercial Building Inc., we offer the best of the best!

By choosing a local contractor, you’ll be selecting a highly experienced person who knows the local rules, regulations, and area. A local contractor with Commercial Building Inc. will be your partner in your commercial project. We’ve worked with local business in projects big and small, from doctor’s offices to local schools!

Our experience with our clients and our expertise is proven. Our clients know that they can trust our contractors with all their renovation needs. We provide services in all aspects of commercial building such as architecture, planning, engineering, concrete, masonry, and more! At Commercial Building Inc., our local contractors can fill every need from design options to total building.

Using a local contractor means that you can be secure in knowing that your commercial construction project will be completed in a timely manner, to exceed your expectations, and be completed within your budget. You don’t have to pay high corporate fees and extra expenses when you choose a local contractor. You can get a fresh look for you business at small town prices!

You can expect Commercial Building Inc. to deliver a local contractor experience that suits your business. We are available for all your commercial upfit and renovation needs. We offer services in Fayetteville, Pinehurst, Lumberton, Sanford, and many other cities in North Carolina. Call us today for more information at 910-818-6811. We look forward to working with you!

Choosing Your Fayetteville, NC General Contractor

When the time comes to choose your general contractor in Fayetteville, NC, it’s important to consider the following guidelines to help you get the best possible service and to prepare for the project ahead!

A qualified general contractor in Fayetteville, NC will help you to create an extensive design plan for your project. This will help you to avoid any delays and to make sure there are not any unrealistic expectations from either party. Ideally, you’ll work with a general contractor who can offer a design and build construction service, which eliminates the extra cost of working with an architect.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re maintaining an open line of communication throughout your project with the commercial general contractor. Schedule regular meetings or updates via email, phone call, text, or face-to-face interaction. These updates will help you and your general contractor to stay on target and on time. You’ll also be privy to the everyday developments of your project by staying in touch with your general contractor.

It’s important to consider the quality of work and professionalism when choosing your commercial general contractor as well. You want to avoid dealing with companies who have vague details in their contract. Your general contractor should offer you a contract with firm numbers, details, and project timeline, to name a few. You may also be offered a payment plan and you should be aware of the cost of materials so that you can avoid going over your budget down the road.

At Commercial Building, Inc. we’ve served the greater Fayetteville, NC and Pinehurst, NC areas as commercial general contractors for years. We understand the unique challenges that arise with a commercial building project and our general contractors are well equipped to undertake any challenges. Contact our quality professionals at (910) 818-6811 today.

New Construction or Commercial Upfit? We Can Help!

Did you know that Commercial Building Inc. can help you with commercial upfit and new constructions projects? We understand that these projects can seem complex and difficult to get through, but that’s what we are here for! As your commercial building contractor, we will work with you every step of the way to make sure that your project follows a timeline and that we deliver the services you’re expecting and sticking to a set budget. You want to make sure that you can trust your contractor and that you’re getting professional services. We’re here to offer all that and more!

With Commercial Building Inc., you can be sure you’ll receive the professional services you expect when you hire a team of experts. With our years of experience and commercial building projects, Commercial Building Inc. will be your go-to resource for all of your commercial upfit and new construction projects.

When you choose Commercial Building Inc., you’ll be working with professionals. Owner Wes Davis has experience working as a Project Scheduler, Project Estimator, Field Engineer, and much more! He and the rest of our team has the knowledge and first-hand experience to ensure you’re getting the best from your commercial upfit and new construction.

We work on projects in commercial building, commercial upfit, new construction projects, and much more. We work in new and old construction, in large and small spaces. You have the project, we have the experience!

Commercial Building Inc. services Fayetteville, Pinehurst, Lumberton, Sanford, and more areas throughout North Carolina. Contact us today at 910-818-6811 and visit us online to see some of our past projects. We look forward to working with you!

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Keeping The Client Happy And Safe

On any given day or night, you can turn on the television and find a home improvement show of some kind. Typically, several times throughout the program, the homeowners will come to check on the progress of their renovation. As a general contractor, the team at Commercial Building, Inc. can tell you that what you see on TV is not always the case at a construction or renovation site. We know that part of being the best general contractor in Fayetteville, NC and the surrounding areas is making sure that our clients aren’t just happy, but they are safe too. After all, we go to great lengths to ensure the safety of everyone working at the site, so it is only logical that we do the same for our clients.

At Commercial Building, Inc. we are proud of the work that we do. We love to show off our progress to the people who hired us to execute their vision. We never turn away a client from checking the work site unless we deem it too dangerous to do so. With that being said, as a general contractor with a lot of experience under our belt, there are some things to expect when you visit a construction or renovation site.

We will most likely ask you to wear a hard hat or some other appropriate protective covering for your head. We may restrict you from certain areas that are not a safe environment at the time. We will ask you to let us know if you want to visit the site without us there, especially after hours, so that we can clear the space of any safety hazards ahead of time.

At Commercial Building, Inc. we are confident that you will be highly satisfied with the finished renovation or constructed space. In the meantime, we want you to be safe when you come to visit us on the job. We have taken on all types of projects in Fayetteville, NC over the years, both big and small. Our clients are proud of the work we do for them and we are too. If you are looking to hire a general contractor for your next renovation or construction project, we would love to talk to you about it. Give Commercial Building, Inc. a call today at (910) 818-6811.