Design-build commercial construction offers an enticing alternative to the traditional bid-build method – due to its budget-friendly side and streamlined process.

The experts at Commercial Building, Inc. are here to help explain what design-build means and all of its benefits.


Design-Build is defined as the process of a system of contracting whereby one entity performs both engineering and construction services under one single contract (The Design-Build Institute of America).

You can either do a full design-build or choose to do a partial. In the latter, the process is only applied to just a portion of the project. As such, typically only the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are completed in the process.


Due to construction projects being large and complex, it can lead to confusion and frustration. It is best to have a single point of contact or accountability.

There have often been arguments between designers and construction firms or between contractors.
Having a single point of contact or design-build agreement ensures that there is one entity responsible for all aspects of the project – making one project owner responsible. This gives the best possibility of your project staying on time and within budget.


When it comes to large commercial projects, there comes a significant level of risk. However, when you work with a design-build firm, you not only reduce your risk but bring added value to your project as well. A skilled design-build construction contractor knows how to work with you to maximize your project’s budget to eliminate any cost-related surprises that can come with a traditional build.


Time savings come from the increased level of coordination that the process offers. The centralized point of contact eliminates the coordination and communication problems common between engineers and contractors.

As timelines and budgets are established earlier in the project, both time and costs can be reduced compared to a traditional build. A design-build general contractor is able to work with pricing in the preliminary pricing phase in order to keep within the budget rather than have surprises for the owner. In comparison – in a traditional build an owner does not know pricing until everything has gone through the design and bid process.


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