Plan, Design, Manage and Build

There are so many benefits of hiring a general contractor when renovating or building a commercial space. Unfortunately, there are so many entrepreneurs and business owners that don’t understand the benefits of hiring a general contractor. General contractors will have proven quality subcontractors that have worked for them time and again. A general contractor or construction management company will work with the subcontractors to ensure their work is done in a timely manner, with good quality and efficiency.

Subcontractors work to please general contractors and always give them a better deal than owners trying to manage the project themselves. Not to mention all the construction material and supplies that are purchased at a huge discounted rate by general contractors. A few other benefits to mention is that a general contractor will make sure that the construction site is always safe, secure and is insured so you don’t need to worry about damage liability to the project site.

By hiring a general contractor, you avoid the headaches of dealing with contracts, subcontractors hiring the right construction personnel buying the material and in the end, you’ll save time and money. What separates Commercial Building Inc. from other general contractors is that we have the experience and leadership of our President and Lead Project Manager, Wes Davis. Wes Davis worked and trained at a top Commercial Construction Company in NC and was also a Chief Estimator at a building company in Wilmington where he worked on projects ranging from $20,000 to huge multi-million dollar projects. We provide other services that many general contractors do not. We will provide planning, architectural services, construction management and self-perform some of the work making us the best choice for your projects.

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