Tips on How to Stay Safe During Construction

At Commercial Building we love when our clients are excited as much as we are about their project. But with that excitement comes a lot of curiosity, so we understand that during construction our eager clients want to constantly see the progress that we are making along the way. Whether it is a new construction, upfits or renovations we know that wanting to be around the project as much as possible can be very tempting for you. Although it is tempting, please remember the safety procedures of going through a work site. Here in this post will provide you few tips that will keep you safe during construction.

  • Always let your contractor and job site superintendent know that you are planning to visit the site. Letting them know in advance will prepare them as well give them enough time to clear the site of any debris or tools. This will also allow your site superintendent to give you a proper tour around the project and answer any questions that you may have. Try to schedule a visit a least a day before you actually come, for our site superintendents are very busy with turning your dream project into a reality.
  • No matter what, you should always wear a hard hat when there is overhead work going on. Your site superintendent should provide you with one.
  • If you are planning to visit the site after hours make sure that you let your contractor know. This is important for they can let you know of any spots that are not safe to walk through.

Again, we know that you are very ecstatic about your new project but let’s not forget about being safe. Contact Commercial Building for all of your commercial upfit and new construction needs. We are Fayetteville’s Commercial Upfit Specialist.