Busting Myths: Unfolding Several Myths about Renovating Your Business

There are a lot of myths about renovating and doing business with contractors in general. But here are a few that we run into when dealing with clients that we try to mark as ‘busted’ each time. 

“Doing It Yourself Is More Cost Efficient” You wouldn’t perform a surgery on yourself would you? No you wouldn’t, you would go to a professional. So why treat your business or facility any different? If you can do it yourself then great, but if you can’t now is not the time to tackle a project from the teachings of a self-help book. Doing it yourself can turn out to be a more expensive decision than calling a professional contractor if you do not know what you are doing.

“You Pay Less When You Buy Your Own Materials” You may think you are saving a few extra dollars by going to the hardware store yourself and buying the materials but trust us you’re not. From years of doing business we’ve developed relationships with suppliers who can offer more awesome deals. 

“You Pay Less with Cheaper Materials” We will not buy supplies that will cost you an arm and a leg but we will buy supplies that will suite the job properly. Sure you will pay less if we bought cheap materials but you will be paying much more after experiencing damage in the long term. 

“The Working Environment is No Longer Safe or Quiet Due to Renovations” At Commercial Business Incorporated we understand that the show must go on and that you have a business to run. That is why we try our best to reduce any noises during the workday at a minimum and make it safe for your employers to carry out a productive day. We want to work around your employers and not have them work around us.

“A Renovation is Only Needed When Something Is Broken” The phrase “If Isn’t Broke Don’t Fix It” does not apply to renovations. Calling our company for renovations doesn’t require for your business to be falling apart. Renovating is great way to impress others with its updated professional look while giving your employers a fresh new environment to work in.

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