Busting Myths: Unfolding Several Myths about Renovating Your Business

There are a lot of myths about renovating and doing business with contractors in general. But here are a few that we run into when dealing with clients that we try to mark as ‘busted’ each time. 

“Doing It Yourself Is More Cost Efficient” You wouldn’t perform a surgery on yourself would you? No you wouldn’t, you would go to a professional. So why treat your business or facility any different? If you can do it yourself then great, but if you can’t now is not the time to tackle a project from the teachings of a self-help book. Doing it yourself can turn out to be a more expensive decision than calling a professional contractor if you do not know what you are doing.

“You Pay Less When You Buy Your Own Materials” You may think you are saving a few extra dollars by going to the hardware store yourself and buying the materials but trust us you’re not. From years of doing business we’ve developed relationships with suppliers who can offer more awesome deals. 

“You Pay Less with Cheaper Materials” We will not buy supplies that will cost you an arm and a leg but we will buy supplies that will suite the job properly. Sure you will pay less if we bought cheap materials but you will be paying much more after experiencing damage in the long term. 

“The Working Environment is No Longer Safe or Quiet Due to Renovations” At Commercial Business Incorporated we understand that the show must go on and that you have a business to run. That is why we try our best to reduce any noises during the workday at a minimum and make it safe for your employers to carry out a productive day. We want to work around your employers and not have them work around us.

“A Renovation is Only Needed When Something Is Broken” The phrase “If Isn’t Broke Don’t Fix It” does not apply to renovations. Calling our company for renovations doesn’t require for your business to be falling apart. Renovating is great way to impress others with its updated professional look while giving your employers a fresh new environment to work in.

Call Commercial Building Incorporated right now! You must build professional to be professional!

Plan, Design, Manage and Build

There are so many benefits of hiring a general contractor when renovating or building a commercial space. Unfortunately, there are so many entrepreneurs and business owners that don’t understand the benefits of hiring a general contractor. General contractors will have proven quality subcontractors that have worked for them time and again. A general contractor or construction management company will work with the subcontractors to ensure their work is done in a timely manner, with good quality and efficiency.

Subcontractors work to please general contractors and always give them a better deal than owners trying to manage the project themselves. Not to mention all the construction material and supplies that are purchased at a huge discounted rate by general contractors. A few other benefits to mention is that a general contractor will make sure that the construction site is always safe, secure and is insured so you don’t need to worry about damage liability to the project site.

By hiring a general contractor, you avoid the headaches of dealing with contracts, subcontractors hiring the right construction personnel buying the material and in the end, you’ll save time and money. What separates Commercial Building Inc. from other general contractors is that we have the experience and leadership of our President and Lead Project Manager, Wes Davis. Wes Davis worked and trained at a top Commercial Construction Company in NC and was also a Chief Estimator at a building company in Wilmington where he worked on projects ranging from $20,000 to huge multi-million dollar projects. We provide other services that many general contractors do not. We will provide planning, architectural services, construction management and self-perform some of the work making us the best choice for your projects.

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Benefits of Renovating Your Business

There are many benefits of renovating your business here are some to consider:

It is a great way to stay ahead of the competition.  If you’ve been thinking about it for a while, then your business is most likely in need of an upfit or renovation, why wait for the inevitable. If you need a loan, interest rates are low and will only surely increase in the near future. Now would be the time to do it! Construction draws attention and sparks interest of local people and businesses generally see an increase of sales or traffic after renovating or construction is finished.  You will be adding value to your business space and you will be able to add or make changes that you always wanted. You will also have the option of a new marketing campaign for your newly remodeled commercial space, whether it’s an office, restaurant or any other business. The renovation options are enormous and can be tailored for your business needs and budget. You have the option of making the space you have more efficient and more attractive. Remember ambience is very important to customers, you want them to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of your business, you want them to keep coming back or refer your business to friends and family. You will also have an opportunity to make your business stand out and be unique.

One common reason that business owners put off renovations or uplifts is dealing with all the stress, headaches and extra work. This is easily avoided by hiring the right general contractor. A general contractor that will be with you throughout the process. One that will manage the project for you, self perform a lot of the work and deal with the subcontractors. You want a commercial building and construction company that will be with you from the planning and design phase to final construction and follow up with you afterwards. There are so many benefits of renovating or upfitting your commercial space once you get over the initial commitment. In the long run it pays off with the potential increase in sales, traffic and financial gains. If you’ve been considering it for a while now would be the right time.

Remodeling or renovating your commercial space can and should be an exciting experience. Don’t put it off to much longer and hire the right people for the job. There are many options when renovation and upfitting your commercial space but there’s only one General Contractor that’s right for the job. By hiring Commercial Building Inc. you are hiring experienced professionals and know that we will be with you from beginning to end! Commercial Building Inc., will help you plan, design, construct and follow up afterwards.

What’s Happening at Commercial Building, Inc.?

We’ve just completed a successful school building renovation in Fayetteville NC!

Commercial Building, Inc. just completed the Capitol Encore Academy project right in the heart of downtown Fayetteville, NC.


Other great projects we are working on:

Mariners Finance in Jacksonville, NC

Pure Barre in Southern Pines, NC

Cheap Shots in Raeford, NC


What’s coming up?

We are awaiting permits for a NY Bagel and Deli!

Commercial Upfit and New Construction Specialists

Specializing in upfit and renovation project including medical, restaurant and retail spaces, Commercial Building Inc. are the “Go-to” contractors for your commercial needs.  Currently working with big names such as “Ross Dress for Less”, “Subway”, and “Bleecker Chrysler”, Commercial Building Inc. are and always have been the preferred renovators. Instead of having to go to a separate architect, engineer, contractor, etc. we bring them all together under one roof.

Commercial Building Inc. (CBI) specializes in small projects such as sidewalks and driveways to big projects like completed metal buildings. We have the abilities to not only work on the exterior of a building but also the interior! Our trained professionals are up for any job that is handed to them no matter the size, inside or outside. CBI has no problem tearing down walls and starting from scratch. We do renovations, restorations, upfits and can even start your project from the ground up.

Commercial Building Inc. is a construction company lead by a team of professionals with hundreds of projects under their belts and with every projects comes a good review. Serving 10 counties and over 30 cities works effectively and efficiently under President and Lead Project manager, Wes Davis. At CBI we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction.  If you are looking for an estimate or consultation, feel free to call. We have professionals on standby ready to answer any questions you may have. We have a motto here at CBI., “We are big city builders with small town prices.” and we follow that motto through and through for every project.

School Renovation in Fayetteville, NC

No school left behind!

Commercial Building, Inc. is renovating the upstairs of the Capitol building located in the heart of Downtown Fayetteville, NC. Capitol Encore Academy needed a small upfit to help the school as it continues to grow.

Take a look at some of our hard work and progress below!

School upfits are one of our specialties here at Commercial Building, Inc.! Building out your school’s amenities to help accommodate the increasing needs of your students is crucial to growing a great school! From auditoriums and cafeterias to conference rooms and labs, Commercial Building, Inc. can help create new spaces for your student body to excel!

Is your school in need of an upfit or small renovation? Contact us today for your commercial renovation in Fayetteville NC!


Medical Renovation Experts in Cumberland County, North Carolina

Commercial Building Inc. is your go to renovation specialists. With years of professional experiences you can trust a local Fayetteville, NC company to complete your medical renovation.

We proudly serve Moore County, Hoke County, the southern tip of Wake County, Lee County, Harnett County, Scotland County, Robeson County, Bladen County, Sampson County, and Johnson County. We specialize in new constructions and renovations, and we pride ourselves on our professionalism and expertise. No job is too big or too small for our team of pros.

Is your office space in need of an upfit or just some general construction work? Trust the Commercial Building Inc. team to ensure a job well done. You can check out our work here, and see how we can transform your office. We’re always ready to help!

Start your medical renovation in Fayetteville, NC by contacting us today!

2016 Projects

Kuester Executive Suites – Southern Pines

Centurion Aviation – Addition

Pioneer Services

The Joint – Chiropractor Office

Mariner’s Finance – Dunn

Bed Bath & Beyond

Cheap Shots on Main – Raeford

Capital Encore Academy – Downtown Fayetteville

Dr. Caban Office – Harnett County

Current Project Estimates (2016)

Bleecker Chrysler – Clinton

County Seat Sports Grill – Lillington

Subway – Red Springs

Wealth Management Pavilion – Pinehurst

New York Bagel

Ross – Ramsey Street

Marketfair – A1 & A2 Unit

Your Commercial Construction Professionals


Commercial Building, Inc. offers a multitude of services for all your commercial construction needs.  We are your go to experts in Cumberland County and neighboring areas. Instead of having to go to a separate architect, engineer, contractor, etc. we bring them all together under one roof.  The benefit of this is also that we have familiarity working together and accomplishing commercial construction in Fayetteville, NC and surrounding cities reaching out over 50 miles. Our President and Lead Project Manager, Wes Davis, believes in his team and their work ethic: “Effective and efficient team work.”

Here at Commercial Building, Inc. we work on commercial projects throughout Cumberland County, NC and neighboring areas, including the following cities:

Southern Pines
Fort Bragg
Hope Mills
Hope Mills
Fuquay Varina
St. Pauls
Laurel Hill
Tar Heel
Four Oaks

We proudly serve Moore County, Hoke County, the southern tip of Wake County, Lee County, Harnett County, Scottland County, Robeson County, Bladen County, Sampson County, and Johnson County.

We specialize in multiple project types including:

  • Commercial Renovations
  • Medical Construction
  • Commercial Upfits
  • Medical Upfits
  • Industrial Construction
  • Office Construction
  • Office Renovations
  • Retail Construction
  • Restaurant Construction
  • Medical Renovations

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