CBI Insight: School Construction Projects

We treat every job like it’s our most important, but something extra comes out on school construction projects. Something about working on educational institutions as small as preschools or as large as military academies makes us reflect on why doing our best work matters. While we’ve done this hundreds of times across North Carolina, we never lose sight of the great opportunity that comes with every project of this sort. You can learn a lot with open eyes, open ears and open minds. And when we apply what we learn, each new school construction project becomes our best yet.

No Cookie Cutter Way
There’s no cookie cutter way to build or expand a school or at least there shouldn’t be. While processes and procedures that relate to these projects, they’re only effective when coupled with the insight that can only come through listening to those who will use an educational space generations after our crews pack it in.
Based on our experience listening matters, especially when we took on major renovation and expansion school construction projects. If we didn’t listen to the concerns of school officials and community members, we couldn’t have pulled off these projects.

Schools of all kinds are meant to give students a place to learn, think and create. We’ve learned that innovation breeds innovation, so we focus on innovative design and construction solutions for these important spaces.
Creativity in the design process doesn’t automatically fit into the parameters many architects and contractors use for constructing schools. The traditional process focuses on management, schedule, budget, efficiency and leaves little room for creativity. This process doesn’t just undermine innovation, it can kill it.

Cost Effective
Stakes are high on school construction projects due to the staggering amount of time and effort it takes to secure funding for them, especially for taxpayer supported public schools. Keeping costs in check is vital when you’re working with such hard won resources. With equal parts communication, coordination and old-fashioned grit, we finish school construction project weeks ahead of schedule while finding cost effective ways to save taxpayers and further redirected funding to improving student education instead.

Let’s Talk
Commercial Building, Inc. (CBI) understands the construction of buildings whose administrators educational plans are built around a calendar. From University buildings to K through 12 schools for small communities, they know the ropes for educational facilities. CBI believes in communication through progress meetings with administrators, scheduling updates and daily coordination. From elementary schools to post-secondary schools and field houses, CBI has completed significant work within the education sector. For more information, give us a call at 910-818-6811 or you can email us at cbi@commercialbuildingnc.com.