It is important to understand that the best time of year for a commercial construction project depends on your business’ needs and location. There are definite advantages to starting commercial construction projects when skies are generally sunny and temperatures are moderate. However, many projects can be completed any time of the year, especially if they are primarily indoor projects, such as renovations.

The experts at Commercial Building, Inc. (CBI) are here to explain some advantages and disadvantages of starting a commercial construction project in each season.


Summer can be an ideal time for commercial builders to complete projects. Weather-related delays are less likely in the summer than in the fall and winter months.

However, just because summer has more sunny days does not mean there will not be other delays. There could be a delay due to the project permit approval process being backed up after heavy construction in the spring. Currently, other delays can be due to contractors having more difficulty finding key materials during the summer.

Recommendation: If summer is your slow business season or you need your retail site finished before the holidays, summer may be the best time to start a construction project.


Fall is known in the industry as an ideal season to start a construction project if you want to secure the best possible builders and keep costs down. There is less demand and contractors/subcontractors have much more flexible schedules, which leads to fewer delays. In addition, permits may be able to be secured in a fairly quick manner.

Fall projects, however, may extend into winter. This means the construction project may be subject to weather-related delays.

Recommendation: If your contractor or builder of choice is in high demand, fall is usually a great time to get on their schedule. For indoor projects, fall and winter are often ideal times as the weather does not delay progress and foot traffic is reduced for many businesses.


While winter does not stand out as an ideal time to start a commercial construction project, there are still some advantages to starting a construction project at this time. Due to fewer projects being booked, builders have more availability, and permit approvals come quickly, leading to fewer delays in projects.

Winter disadvantages are that planning does go around the weather if there is any exterior construction. The winter season also brings a higher chance of weather-related schedule delays.

Recommendation: Similar to fall, winter is an excellent time for those who want to secure the best contractors and builders. If your business experiences more traffic in the warmer months, starting in the winter can get you a head start and you can be finished by summer.


Spring is the most popular season for construction, whether interior or exterior. Spring may be a good season for people who want to avoid construction during both the summer and winter holidays.

As this is the most popular season for commercial construction, it may be challenging to secure your builder of choice unless you plan in advance. In addition, there may be delays with permit approvals, especially later in the spring season.

Recommendation: Spring is generally the best possible season to do construction work. In the spring, you avoid the extreme heat of summer and the extra work of keeping the work sites protected from the weather.


You don’t need to wait for a specific season to start your commercial construction project. There are advantages and disadvantages to every season, and projects can be done at any time of the year.

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