Safety in Your Commercial Renovation

Some say that cleanliness is next to Godliness. At Commercial Building Inc., we like to say that safety is. Did you know that the majority of workplace accidents in construction are from falls? Of course there are other incident reports of equipment malfunctions and falling objects, but we like to think that all of these incidents can and should be avoided. There are simple steps and safety procedures that we can all follow to minimize the amount of workplace construction accidents.

The number one rule in commercial building is to always protect your head and your eyes. By wearing regulation headgear and eye protection during a commercial construction or renovation project, you can minimize serious injuries. A single blow to the head from a falling object could be potentially fatal if you aren’t wearing protective headgear. Similarly, many projects in construction send debris or sparks into the air which could become lodged in the eye if you aren’t wearing protective eyewear.

You must also be sure to protect your hands and feet during commercial renovations. Proper gloves and footwear can keep your extremities from being easily punctured during projects. Likewise, special gloves or footwear may be required for safety during certain projects like electrical repairs and welding to protect from burns or electrocution.

In situations where a commercial renovation requires work at heights, it is important to always make sure that you are securely attached according to guidelines for ladder and scaffolding safety, as well as making sure that all elevation tools are in use on a level surface.

Commercial Building Inc. takes care to always follow safety guidelines such as these when we work in any commercial renovation. We specialize in renovations, upfits, construction, and more. With our expertise and great care for safety, we’ve developed a reputation for excellence with clients throughout North Carolina. If you want to know more about our projects or find out more about our safety protocols, please call 910-818-6811.