Rebuilding After A Hurricane

Every year, millions of people in the United States are affected by hurricanes. In North Carolina, we are no strangers to the damage done by severe weather in the Atlantic. In the past couple of years, Hurricanes Matthew and Florence have caused billions of dollars in loss and damages in North Carolina alone.

While many business owners will not find it hard to repair buildings from minor damages done to windows and roofing, others are looking at catastrophic loss of property and a complete construction project. When it comes to their existing commercial property, no business owner wants to think about demolition after a hurricane. Unfortunately, in some cases, demolition is necessary.

Most of the damages to commercial property that happen in North Carolina after a hurricane are a result of flooding. Water damage is a necessary building repair but it not a simple process. It requires a dry-out process that involves dehumidification, removing damaged materials, replacement of building materials and more.

The commercial building professionals at Commercial Building, Inc. are experts in rebuilding businesses from the ground up, and in commercial building repairs. If your business has suffered from damages to the exterior or interior of your commercial building, such as roofing issues, structural malfunction or water damage, Commercial Building, Inc. can repair your property and reinstall materials, as well as dehumidify the interior of the building.

Hurricanes are life changing for thousands of people, many of them business owners. It is important to know that life goes on after the storm is over, and Commercial Building, Inc. is on your side. Don’t let hurricane damage hold you back longer than it needs to. Contact Commercial Building, Inc. and tell us how we can help you recover. The idea of repairing buildings or a possible weather related demolition can be daunting, but Commercial Building, Inc. has built a reputation in North Carolina for completing commercial building projects and repairs correctly and in a timely manner over the years. Our customers are highly satisfied with their finished commercial building projects.

If you need building repairs or a commercial rebuild, give Commercial Building, Inc. a call at (910) 818-6811 today!