When you are looking for a contractor for office building construction or remodeling, it is important to look for commercial building contractors with experience. However, you also want to consider construction contractors who have the appropriate licensure.

The experts at Commercial Building, Inc.(CBI) are here to help explain just some of the reasons why.


In North Carolina, a license shows that a person has a certain level of knowledge and experience. The person must pass an exam with a certain score that asks questions related to construction. The license shows that the individual was willing to go through the exam and spend the time studying in order to demonstrate his or her knowledge.


In North Carolina, all residential and commercial contractors must have a license to work on any building. Without the licensure, the person isn’t in concurrence with the law.


In order to obtain licensure, a contractor has to prove to be financially responsible before getting their license. During the exam period, contractors usually have their fingerprints taken for legal purposes as well.

Commercial building contractors in North Carolina undergo credit checks as well as have their financial stability evaluated. This helps to weed out contractors who are more likely to not be reliable or scam clients.


An insurance company will not accept an application unless a contractor has a proper contractor’s license. Therefore, if you hire an unlicensed contractor, they will not have insurance. This means that if something happens to them or someone else on the job, there is no insurance to cover the injuries or any time off work.


While it can be desirable to hire someone for a lower rate to save money, you could experience problems later on. There is never a guarantee that the contractor will come back to fix issues and you could end up paying much more money in the long run with another contractor.


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