When you are taking on building a new facility or renovating a current one, hiring a construction contractor takes more steps than simply going to google. It’s important to find a trusted and qualified commercial general contractor to guarantee that your project is successfully completed. The general contracting company will provide a construction manager for the job, who oversees many of the major parts of the construction project.  It is important to make sure you understand his/her role and the key tasks that are overseen.



The schedule or timeline is one of the most important things when it comes to any construction project.  When a commercial construction project starts, a construction manager puts together the schedule or timeline.  He/she makes sure the project, crew, and deliverables stay on time and task.



One of the tasks that a construction manager completes are contracts to make sure that they are legally binding.  When working in commercial contracting it is important to have contracts for everything. Contracts are needed with the commercial construction project as well as with vendors for materials and with subcontractors.



A very important reason for hiring a commercial contractor is because they understand the ins-and-outs for permits and licenses for commercial building.  An essential role of a construction manager is to obtain the permits and licenses necessary.  A construction manager is familiar with the permits and licenses that you will need to legally complete your project.  In addition they will schedule inspections as needed and make sure everything passes code.



A crucial role of the construction manager is to order the materials that are needed for the commercial construction project.  He/She will meet with you to make sure the materials meet your requests and needs.  The manager will also make sure the materials will be delivered according to the timeline that is set.  The manager will also work with the subcontractors and vendors to make sure that delivery of materials to not hold up construction.



Once construction begins, the construction manager will be on site regularly to inspect and review.  It is his/her job to report to the commercial contractor on progress.  He/she will also work with any unplanned event; such as weather and work to keep the project on schedule; readjusting as needed.  

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