A general contractor plays an important role as someone who coordinates and supervises every aspect of a building or remodeling project. A general contractor oversees the project from start to finish, making sure that each portion of the project is done to the utmost satisfaction. Hiring a general contractor takes away the logistical stress and responsibility to oversee a construction project and is highly recommended. 
A good general contractor has experience working with quality subcontractors and are known for quality work. In addition, the general contractor will also act as a liaison between the business or homeowner and the subcontractors in order to keep everything on track according to schedule until completion of the project. A good general contractor takes it to the next level by working also the design team, architect, and interior designer to finish out the project. 
One of the ways that a general contractor provides quality control is by monitoring and overseeing the construction timeline. The completion timeline plays an important role in any project. If a project goes beyond the estimated completion date, there is a good chance of going over budget. While delays cannot be prevented due to the weather, a contractor can work hard to ensure the subcontractors are sticking to the schedule and making up any weather-related delays when possible.
Another way a general contractor provides quality control is by checking the completed work of a project. A general contractor should always be available to routinely check work on the building project. Most general contractors do scheduled and unscheduled checks.  Having a general contractor inspect prior to an official building inspection helps to prevent delays in completion and helps corrections or changes be made.
A very important reason for hiring a commercial contractor is because they understand the ins-and-outs for permits and licenses for commercial building.  A contractor is familiar with the permits and licenses that you will need to legally complete your project.  In addition, they will schedule inspections as needed and make sure everything passes code.  A general contractor will work directly with the city of Fayetteville to schedule all required inspections and make sure the project stays on schedule while also staying to code. 
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